Viagra is one of the most effective and well-known remedies proven by thousands of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. These pills are true helpers as they let men feel themselves young and full of energy.

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The main active component of Viagra is Sildenafil. It increases the blood flow in muscles and causes erection by this way. This remedy is considered to be #1 in the world due to its effect and popularity. Just consider:

  • Long-lasting effect (up to 5 hours)

  • Can be taken with alcohol and tobacco

  • Isn’t a medication, just something like doping, so you don’t feel sick or miserable

  • Sildenafil citrate doesn’t cause addiction and don’t affect your penis without stimulation

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Viagra – the Pill #1 for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It is hard to find a man who has never heard of Viagra. This medication firstly appeared in the 20th century and quickly gained popularity as it showed brilliant results in combating male impotence. Today, it is still popular among men of different age worldwide as erectile dysfunction (shortly ED) is one of the most widespread illnesses that strike males when they are still young and have to live full life. It should be noted that the remedy doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction; it just helps to reduce the symptoms and have a good sex when it is needed. Nowadays, it is so easy to buy cheap Viagra online and enjoy the brightest moments of intimacy.

How does the Magic Pill Viagra Work?

Perhaps, Viagra is the first word that comes to mind when it is said about erectile dysfunction. One of the reasons is the popularity of the drug and a good advertising company that has spread the information about this medication all over the world and helped thousands of men to feel themselves real men. The worst thing in ED is undermining the morale of a man who understands that he cannot satisfy his wife/girlfriend, who cannot experience orgasm and positive sensations from a good sex.

The main component of Viagra pill is Sildenafil. It causes erection by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flows to certain areas of the penis. The result is seen within 15-20 minutes after the intake and can last for 4 hours. It is also necessary to know that Sildenafil doesn’t cause erection if you don’t have your partner next to you. This medication isn’t an aphrodisiac or something likewise. You will not experience erection unless you feel stimulation.

Important! Viagra Dosage Information

In spite of the fact that Viagra doesn’t cure ED, it is considered to be a drug; therefore, you should take it carefully and under doctor’s observation. Before you buy Viagra in the nearest pharmacy or start looking for Viagra online, visits a specialist who will explain you the importance of correct dosage, side effects and the main symptoms of overdose. As a rule, men start with Viagra 25 mg or Viagra 50 mg. The dosage can be risen up to 100 mg, but you shouldn’t do it without doctor’s recommendation. 100 mg Viagra is commonly prescribed to patients who don’t experience the proper effect when taking smaller dosage. One more important thing is that you cannot take more than one pill once a day.

Safety is above all

Side effects are an integral part of any medication. It is really significant to know them to recognize the symptoms as quickly as possible.

Here are the most widespread Viagra side effects: dizziness, dry eyes, behavior change similar to drunkenness, dry mouth, chest pain, blurred vision, cold sweats, dryness, and redness, scaling, or peeling of the skin, chills, redness, burning, or swelling of the eyes, skin paleness or rash and so on. Some patients complain of prolonged, painful erection of penis, diarrhea, headache, stomachache and heart failure. These symptoms are met in less than 5% of men who take Viagra. It also should be noted that side effects may be caused by the medication because of interaction of drugs that you take regularly or illnesses and allergic reactions that you have. Therefore, it is important provide the doctor for your analyses results if you suffer from heart or kidney illnesses or experience allergic reactions to some groups of medications. If you do, your healthcare specialist find Viagra alternative that will not damage your health. Don’t try to look for alternatives by your own or use your friends’ advice. The same pill can have different effect in different men. Bear this in mind to keep your health.

Bear in Mind Precautions before Trying Viagra

First and foremost, visit a doctor and make sure that you are healthy and don’t have any contradictions. If you have serious heart, kidneys, liver problems or take medications that are sold with prescription only, inform your urologist and ask for medical advice. You cannot take Viagra if you take drugs containing nitrates. Stop taking street drugs containing amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate ('poppers'). If you take herbal medications (especially those ones containing St. John’s wort), don’t forget to tell it to your doctor.

The medication isn’t recommended to people under 18 years old. Sildenafil doesn’t influence the sperm composition and cannot prevent pregnancy and catching venerologic and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you are recommended to take this drug, then you can order Viagra online. It is rather easy to find Viagra sale on the Internet. Hundreds of sites called Internet pharmacies offer both original versions of the drug and its replica – Generic Viagra. Their composition is identical, but there can be difference in smell, color, shape and pack design. The main reason of generics’ lower price is that these medications are produced and sold by companies who just use the ready formula of the drug. They don’t spend millions of dollars on investigations, advertising and tests; therefore the generic Viagra’s price is lower. Buying medication online you save much time and efforts. Moreover, you can order Viagra without prescription. It will take several days to deliver your parcel right to your home, so you will not have to feel uncomfortable explaining your problem to the pharmacist in your local drugstore.

Viagra: Safety Measures and Useful Tips

Viagra has to be stored in a dry, dark place. It is extremely important to keep the drug far from moisture unless it becomes ineffective. You can place the pack on the shelf in your bedroom or kitchen. Commonly, the temperature in these rooms is moderate and good for storage.

When you buy the remedy, read the information at the back of the label. Even if you know everything about side effects, precautions and dosage, read the instruction once more. Keep the drug from water and fire. Then take care to place it so far that children will not reach them.

If you have a friend who experience problems with erection, recommend him to visit a doctor. Don’t share your pills with him anyway. It is health-threatening. You cannot be sure about his health and lack of allergies. Medication is strictly individual despite the fact that it is sold without prescription.

Store the drug far from pets. Your cat or dog may even die if swallows a couple of tablets. Viagra isn’t also recommended to be taken by women. It is for men only. Take it seriously and remember about side effects and overdose that can manifest in a woman who takes Viagra. The effect can be life-threatening.

Do not keep the expired drug at home. It is better not to buy a great many of packs at once if you are not sure that you will use them soon. Be careful. Keep all these recommendations in mind. If you have a question and cannot ask your doctor, visit the site of online pharmacy, Viagra specialists will help you.

Only serious approach and correct intake will bring you good results.

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Joe  |  54 years

I’ve tried different drugs to cope with my intimate problem – ED. I know that a great number of men are shy to share this with their friends and relatives. But I managed my fear and visited a specialist. Viagra helped me at once! I had a good sex with my wife who started to think that I was ill and needed serious therapy. Thanks, Viagra, you are my helper!

Mike  |  57 years

Oh, Viagra is a true rescuer! It was hard to me to realize that that I had faced erectile dysfunction. It was like a stab in the back. Now I feel confident entering my bedroom and seeing my wife waiting for me in her sexy undies.

Marie  |  49 years

We have been together with my husband for 20 years. I still love him and want to bring pleasure to him in bed. He couldn’t cope with the thought that there was something wrong with his male’s potency. Viagra was the best solution. Only one pill and our sex is as good as in youth.